I had no idea when I opened topiaire 27 years ago, the directions it would take. I grew up in a home where there were always flowers, great smells drifting through the house from moms kitchen, holidays spent with family and friends, and in general an incredible feeling of restfulness, happiness and joy. My mother always decorated our home with all the splendor and baubles of each holiday from Christmas to Easter! 

Flowers will always be first and foremost at topiaire, they are a most important ingredient in any home. The beautiful fragrance of gardenias, freesia, peonies, garden roses and so many more flowers,  will create an immediate response from all who enter. Think about walking into a room with a beautiful flower arrangement and the feeling this evokes.

At topiaire we celebrate everyday with flowers, whether it is a simple birthday bouquet, a wedding celebration, flowers to celebrate a new baby, and even to commemorate a life.  The surprise to me has been how, when someone walks through my front door at Topiaire, I see them physically take a deep breath and smile. The orchids, candles, vintage inspired signs, and so many other unique gifts create that great feeling that my own mom created in our home growing up. Everyone wanted to come to the home my mom had made so welcoming and inviting, I have tried to create that very same feeling at Topiaire. I have painstakingly shopped to find these things that will make you feel like you get to share a piece of my secret garden and my childhood.

Three years ago I opened topiaire candy shop which completes this great feeling. Giant jars laden with "penny candy style" candies from another time. I love to see the smiles on children's faces when they walk in the door, but it is truly the grown ups faces, smiling as they remember candies from their childhood and the special people and moments that went with them.

Please come down and enjoy our beautiful flowers and candies any day of the week. And even if you aren't in the market to buy that day, come by anyway, I know that it will make you feel that great feeling!  And we know you will be back.

Erin Hattrick Meaney